Manfrotto MVK500190XV Trípode para Video con Balane de Cabezal

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MVK500190XV Manfrotto Tripod for Video with Head Balane

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MVK500190XV Manfrotto Tripod for Video with Head Balane

Perfect tripod option for those who make videos on the ground and look for the best stability, fast work and professional precision.

The detachable Manfrotto MVH500ah Head, provides camera movements with remarkable fluidity, a small, simple head with lock or free option, also has a unique Manfrotto system to put the camera very fast on the tripod.

You can disassemble the head to put it for example in a slider or monopod. 

But the most novel thing is the system of ball of the legs (ball contained in the legs, not in the head), this will allow you to balance the head very quickly in a matter of seconds, you simply turn the handle that is at the base of the center column and the head will be free to find the horizon or the level you want for the camera, by pressing this handle again leave the head fixed in that position. 

The Manfrotto 190xpro line legs also have anchor threads to add arms and accessories to the system (not included in the price, but shown by way of example in photos and videos)


Maximum height:  173.3 cm

Closed measures:  72.2 cm

It supports up to: 5 kilos, although the perfect balance is achieved with cameras up to  2.4 kg

Weight: 3.2 Kilos

Vertical tilt:  + 90 ° to -70 °

Bread: 360 °

Working temperatures:  -20 to 60 ° C

Throughout this website: All photos and videos are referential, including cameras, lenses, bags, accessories not included in the price, as well as humans and animals, vehicles or fascinating landscapes where they are displayed.

Detalles del producto


Ficha técnica

3.2 Kg
para Video con Balane de Cabezal
Altura máxima
173.3 cm
Máximo Peso Soportado
5 Kg
Largo cerrado
72.2 cm
Incluye bolso
Altura mínima
50.3 cm
Para Video o Fotografía
Tipo de bloqueo
Lever Lock
Columna Lateral º90